Change Leadership

Change Curve. Possibility Curve. 

Research shows that 65-70% of change initiatives fail, primarily due to human elements 

Ineffective change leadership severely diminishes the change potential resulting in financial and collateral damage.

Organizations choose to implement the latest technology, devise new operating models, and drive process harmonization to become more effective. However, poorly designed change mechanisms, limited organizational readiness, and surface level knowledge transfer result in poor user experience and limited adoption of change.

At Illumia, we believe that the change curve should be viewed as a possibility curve. Organizations that complete proactive and adequate planning, deploy relevant and timely change mechanisms, and deliver multi-dimensional knowledge transfer will reap the benefits of successful change.

We operate in a player/coach capacity while deploying multi-prong change management through structured, practical, and incisive methods that allow us to surgically hardwire the change, maintain relentless focus on execution, and ultimately enable success and sustainability of the transformation.

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