Culture Integration & Transformation

A Way of Life.

In a recent survey, 84% of participants believe culture is critical to business success and only 35% think their company’s culture is effectively managed

Culture as a stand-alone is an abstraction — difficult to pinpoint, let alone measure, and is frequently viewed as a lower priority, yet missed financial targets, inability to get things done, low engagement scores, poor morale, and high turnover continue to carry tremendous costs for the organization.

At Illumia, we know we are on to something powerful and impactful. We deploy mindsets, habits, and behaviors (MHB) to dramatically improve organizational performance.  Our approach is not a project, initiative, or latest flavor of the month, but rather a way of life that transcends both professional and personal elements.

Grounded in practical leadership experience, psychology centric effectiveness tools, and assessments backed by 40 years of research, we deliver a fully transformative experience. For those that do embark on this journey with us, we promise a step change that will drastically improve results across both human and financial elements of the organization.

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