Poorly managed large scale transformations are an ongoing challenge for our extended client base. Inability to appropriately structure the program results in confusion and inefficiencies, qualified people are kept within confines of their own silos or are eventually reallocated, competing priorities begin to deplete the funds, and the need to capture benefits tends to consistently shift timelines.

of organizations are in some form of transition or transformation
achieve original objectives
of intended gains are sustained over the long term
of large scale transformations fail, primarily due to human elements
budget overruns range due to unanticipated complexities and resistance to change

Transformation Inhibitors


Leadership culture, functional fiefdoms, and challenge reciprocity mentality


Competing initiative gridlock and flavor of the month perception


Overtasked associates unable to conceptualize new responsibilities


Active and passive resistance at leadership level is visible; limited commitment


Poor change leadership mechanisms impacting transformation adoption

At Illumia, we deliver work in a modular fashion in turn allowing our clients to deliver the future phases internally while minimizing need for external support and added consulting fees

Readiness Assessment

We will execute a multi-point readiness assessment to proactively identify and mitigate transformation inhibitors.

Our approach is designed to proactively pressure test the transformation levers, assess the organization’s capabilities, and gauge capacity required to successfully deliver the business case.

The results of our assessment are followed by accelerated transformation planning session, risk mitigation, and overall recommendations designed to enable success and sustainability of transformation.

Transformation Leadership

We mobilize the organization through stakeholder analytics, change readiness, and tailored engagement approaches.

Our stakeholder analytics approach allows us to understand formal and informal networks while assessing change readiness and impact across the organization, while considering people, process, data and technology impacts.

We then deploy tailored engagement and powerful visuals to convey the change impacts specific to each region, organization, function, in turn helping the organization adopt the new ways of working while accelerating our momentum.

Illumia’s Accelerators

Our accelerators are highly structured and ensure rapid alignment across the broader organization.

We will facilitate working sessions designed to illuminate people, process, technology, and data elements of the transformation, identify transformation risks, and jointly devise mitigation plans with our clients.

Output from our readiness assessment will serve as a foundational element that is then enhanced through quantitative and qualitative elements of the transformation as well as interviews across the impacted areas of the organization.

Our clients operate across a broad range of industries, functions, and disciplines

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