Transformation Management

75% of organizations are in some form of transformation — half of them achieve original objectives and only 25% of gains are sustained

Organizations have teams of highly qualified people on staff, funds to support the transformation, and timelines that are linked to a robust business case designed to deliver both tangible and intangible benefits. While the basic building blocks appear to exist, challenges surface from the onset of the transformation all the way through to execution.

Inability to appropriately structure the program results in confusion and inefficiencies, qualified people are kept within confines of their own silos or may be allocated elsewhere, competing priorities begin to deplete the funds, and the business need to capture benefits sooner tends to shift timelines. Left unaddressed, these challenges contribute to the well known 70% failure rate associated with large transformations.

Our approach is designed to proactively pressure test the transformation levers, assess the organization’s capabilities, and gauge capacity required to successfully deliver the business case. The results of our assessment are followed by accelerated transformation planning sessions, risk mitigation, and overall recommendations.

We deliver our work in a modular fashion in turn allowing our clients to deliver the future phases internally, while leaving room for staff augmentation and specialized advisory support based on capacity, capability, and timeline elements of the transformation.

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