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Founder’s Message

From our Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic

The journey to today has been somewhat unconventional. From surviving bomb shelters, sniper fire, and refugee camps to delivering turnarounds and results across some of the most prestigious organizations in the World.

Time has led me to a realization that these seemingly different environments possess a clear set of common elements at their very core.  As Napoleon Hill once said, the world is ruled, and destiny of civilizations is established, by the human emotions.  In an organizational context, interpersonal dynamics, team dysfunctions, and inability to constructively harness differences for the better, combined with self interest, poor self control and misguided sense of leadership purpose eventually translate into conditions that prevent the team, organization, country, and eventually society from achieving full potential.

This widening leadership vacuum has inspired me to launch Illumia and make it my life work to relentlessly focus on the topic in order to help create a better and more promising tomorrow.

My life and professional experiences have taught me that with leadership comes tremendous power and with that the opportunity to utilize leadership as self serving or serving others and the greater good. I deeply believe in the latter and strive to lead in this manner every single day. Experience has also taught me that leadership comes in different forms, whether leading a large or small team, or operating in an individual capacity. I believe that as a leader, you have a moral and fiduciary responsibility to do the right things that are in the best interest of the organization, the people you are leading – including their families, and the broader society as a whole.

I have been very lucky to have had mentors, experiences, and education that have provided guideposts along the way and for that I am grateful. With this note, I would also like to acknowledge their support and guidance throughout this journey and promise that the best is yet to come.

With gratitude,


Managing Partner

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