What Makes Us Different

We are uniquely positioned to partner with our clients while jointly marching towards self sufficiency.

Illumia brings a track record of top performance agnostic of industry, organization, or function across some of the best organizations in the world. We balance theory and practical application to develop customized solutions that directly address our clients’ needs.

We deliver world class expertise, flexible models, and exceptional client service for a fraction of the cost of the larger Big 4 consultancies. This includes breadth and depth of expertise while alleviating cost pressures associated with typical management consultancies.

We are an atypical consultancy that partners with our clients in a player/coach capacity while jointly marching towards self sufficiency. Our approach is thoughtfully designed to limit long term dependencies on third party support.

We are competency driven and firmly stand behind our products, approaches, and partnerships. Unparalleled standards of performance and integrity serve as our true north as we jointly deliver results.

Our methods are anchored in 40 years of research, key strategic partnerships, and a set of psychology enabled effectiveness tools. Research backed assessments allow for credible and objective insights illuminating our clients’ current state environment.

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