Illumia Achieves Diamond Award, Double Digit Growth

Chicago, IL — Wiley announced that Illumia Consulting Group is a Diamond award-winning Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® solutions.

“The Diamond Award marks the third consecutive year of double-digit growth for Illumia with solutions now deployed across Australia, China, France, Germany, UK, India and North America.” said Sanel Kostic, Managing Partner at Illumia. “This milestone is a testament that Illumia’s strategy, unique operating model, and ways of working continue to deliver impactful outcomes for our clients. As we look towards 2022, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to serve as a trusted thought partner on people topics globally. We are excited to introduce new alliances, launch innovative and highly integrated solutions, as well as continue our expansion well beyond existing markets.”

Illumia Forms Partnership, Expands Solution Ecosystem

Chicago, IL — Illumia Consulting Group today announced a partnership with The Blanchard Companies, a world class management training, consulting, and coaching organization.

Illumia’s Managing Partner, Admira Ibisevic said: “The Ken Blanchard Companies is a coveted organization that has stood the test of time through innovative people development concepts, focus on both theory and practice, as well as a highly trained network of practitioners that deliver quality work. This includes solutions that span transformative leadership, online programs and microlearning, blended digital learning journeys, and collaborative online experiences. The Blanchard partnership complements our capabilities, brings an expanded suite of solutions to our client base, and underlines our commitment to operate as a trusted thought partner on people topics globally while driving the future of work agenda.”

Illumia Presents Catalyst™, Digital Culture Change Solution

Chicago, IL — Illumia Consulting Group today announced Catalyst™, a digital solution designed to enable continuous focus on an organization’s performance and culture.

Illumia’s Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic said: “Catalyst is a human-centered solution that leverages technology to deliver an ongoing people development process that actually works. We see an organization’s culture as a living organism, one that requires care and attention on an ongoing basis. Catalyst enables this through real time insights, highly interactive content, and modular capabilities that allow our clients to proactively nurture their culture journey.”

Illumia Elevates to Diamond, Signals Growth

Minneapolis, MN — Wiley announced that Illumia Consulting Group is a Diamond award-winning Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® solutions.

This achievement is in recognition of Illumia’s commitment to improving organizational culture and teamwork solutions. “We are proud to partner with Illumia in their mission to enrich people’s lives by building better workplaces and high-functioning, cohesive teams,” says Susie Kukkonen, Vice President of Channels at Wiley. “We are honored to have them as an Authorized Partner.”

Illumia Unveils Board Effectiveness Practice

Chicago, IL — Illumia Consulting Group today announced the launch of its Board Effectiveness practice focused on enabling structural and behavioral elements of high functioning boards.

Illumia’s Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic, said: “This milestone significantly elevates Illumia’s profile in the people advisory space. It presents an opportunity to enable positive change across an important constituency during a critical time”, said Sanel Kostic, Managing Partner at Illumia. “We know that high functioning boards are an important enabler of broader organizational effectiveness. Decisions made at this level tend to be strategic in nature and heavily influence an organization’s trajectory. This is why it is imperative to proactively enhance board effectiveness through structural and behavioral mechanisms that serve the long term interests of the organization.”

Illumia Response COVID-19

Chicago, IL — Dear Clients and Partners,
At Illumia, we live by the notion that people are the ultimate enabler of organizational performance. As we jointly navigate unprecedented times – now more than ever – we recognize the need to continue to operate as a trusted thought partner on people topics to our clients, partners, alliances, and broader society.

With this in mind, we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our teams, clients, partners, and alliances while enacting Illumia’s business continuity plans.

Illumia Forms European Alliance

Chicago, IL — Illumia Consulting Group today announced a strategic alliance with Amplified Group in turn expanding reach across both Europe and North America markets.

Illumia’s Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic, said: “We recognize the global nature of our client base and understand the need to scale well beyond the North America footprint. Amplified Group’s ethos, performance driven methods, and complementary service lines operate as a natural fit as we execute upon our global expansion directives. This symbiotic relationship clearly illustrates the power of Wiley’s 2,900 partners committed to people development topics globally. We look forward to partnering with our EU colleagues while engaging both existing and new clients in both markets.”

Emerging Talent Development Program

Chicago, IL — Illumia Consulting Group today announced an enhancement to current service lines by launching an accelerated development program focused on emerging talent.

Illumia’s Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic, said: “We have reached a talent inflection point characterized by changing demographic trends. Our clients are experiencing a widening leadership vacuum that is driven by pending retirements across both levels and functions. This is leading to an erosion of fundamental leadership capabilities that are required to not only sustain progress but also effectively lead the organization into the future. We intend to directly answer this need.”

Executive Leadership Announcement

Chicago, IL — Illumia announced today Admira Ibisevic as Managing Partner effective April 8th, 2019. Admira joins current Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic, and will operate in a dual leadership structure.

Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic, highlights this development as a key differentiator in executing the next phase of Illumia’s growth strategy: “We are tremendously excited to have someone of Admira’s caliber join our team. This strategic move will allow Illumia to not only delight our existing client base but also accelerate new product introduction, form strategic alliances, and drive expansion plans on a global scale, while in parallel maintaining our commitment to deliver results through both organic and acquisition-based growth."

Illumia Honored with Sapphire Award

Minneapolis, MN — Wiley announced today that Illumia Consulting is a 2018 Sapphire Award winning Partner. The Sapphire designation recognizes Illumia Consulting’s commitment to building better workplaces with the help of Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, and PXT Select, proven workplace assessment-driven solutions from Wiley.

SHRM Announcement

Chicago, IL – Illumia announced today an enhancement to current service lines by offering SHRM professional development credits to their existing and future clients.

Our Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic, said: “At Illumia, we believe that education has the power to change the world. We also know that learning and growth is a commitment of time and resources. This is why we now offer SHRM credential-holders the opportunity to earn professional development credits from the Society for Human Resource Management.”

Pre-Employment Selection Accreditation

Chicago, IL – Illumia announced today an enhancement to current service lines by offering full Accreditation for PXT Select, a psychometric based assessment tool designed to dramatically improve how organizations select and develop talent.

Illumia’s Managing Partner, Admira Ibisevic, said: “Psychometric based assessments have become the way of the future. PXT Select connects business strategy to talent strategy to drive results by aligning people to roles based on the traits more important to perform successfully. It provides a suite of solutions to support organizations through the entire talent lifecycle, from selection to individual and team development. Key takeaway here is that this offering will allow our clients to independently facilitate assessments while taking true control of their talent selection and development process.”

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