Culture is viewed as a mission critical component of organizational performance, yet few organizations have the mechanisms to enable and sustain high performing cultures

think their company’s culture is effectively managed
believe culture is critical to business success
think major overhaul is currently needed
agree that critical capabilities are not in place to sustain change
say CEO and other top leaders are responsible for culture change and 42% say all employees

At Illumia, we leverage psychology enabled and practically driven approaches to transform mindsets, habits, and behaviors while dramatically improving human and financial performance

Vision, Alignment, Execution

We partner with the executive leadership team to set the stage for a successful transformation while aligning with organizational objectives.

Our team will partner with the executive team to build the case for change, define and enable mechanisms to facilitate alignment, and devise a methodical approach to ensure a relentless focus on execution.

We will jointly devise a path to hardwire the change across the organization’s levels, functions, and regions while focusing on both financial and human elements of the organization.

Mindsets, Habits, Behaviors

Our team will engage the organization through psychology enabled effectiveness tools that allow us to understand how we think, feel, and act as individuals, teams, and organizations.

When combined with psychometrics, self reflection, insights, and highly interactive sessions, our unique approach serves as a vehicle for dramatically transformative results agnostic of organization or industry.

Our team will operate as a strategic partner while coaching the executive and employee led teams towards a self sustaining model that can be scaled across future transformations.

Employee Led Transformation

We deploy an employee led culture transformation through a structured and methodical approach designed to permeate across levels, functions, and regions.

Executive vision is enabled through role modeling by the leadership team, mobilization of employee led teams, and structured deployment across the organization.

Successful implementation results in an organization that is anchored in self awareness and understanding of others yet demands accountability, transparency, collaboration, results, and trust while enabling peak levels of effectiveness transcending both personal and professional environments.

Our clients operate across a broad range of industries, functions, and disciplines

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