High functioning boards are a foundational enabler of high performing organizations. As such, we focus on both structural and behavioral mechanisms that support board effectiveness, reinforce fiduciary responsibilities, and deliberately balance immediate results with long term value creation directives

of surveyed organizations regularly assess board performance
state their board directors fully comprehend their companies’ strategies
of CEOs claim board members do not appreciate the complexity of their business
of directors had a strong understanding of the dynamics of their firms’ industries
of participants state boards were completely aware of how their firms create value

Characteristics of low performing boards


Heavily focused on tactical activities rather than long term value creation


Surface understanding of industry complexities, firm strategy, and value proposition


Imbalanced breadth and depth of skill sets required to effectively support the organization


Key decisions rest with select group of board members; back channeling is pervasive


Poorly defined performance management, decision rights, incentives, and feedback mechanisms


Ineffective board succession planning resulting in limited bench strength

We enable board effectiveness through structure, behaviors, and performance mechanisms designed to move the board forward while considering responsibilities to the organization and shareholders

Vision Alignment Execution

Illumia understands that each board is characterized by varying degrees of magnitude and complexity. With this in mind, we will jointly define immediate and long term priorities of the board.

We will partner with the board executive team to understand the past, present, and future elements of the board, devise a clear path forward, and deploy mechanisms that enhance board effectiveness.

Our approach encapsulates board assessments, director selection, onboarding, development, and succession, as well as structure related elements designed to enable high functioning boards.

Structure + Behaviors

Our team will consider both structural and behavioral elements of board effectiveness.

Illumia’s methods are deployed to objectively understand structural elements of the board. We will leverage our leading practices to evaluate and enhance performance management, decision rights, incentives, and interlock components associated with improved board effectiveness.

In parallel with structure, we will focus on mindsets, habits, and behaviors that drive board engagement, increase commitment to responsibilities, and enhance transparency while reinforcing fiduciary responsibilities of operating as a high functioning board.

Results Orientation

We deploy incisive methods that enable transparency, drive alignment, and achieve results.

Our approach is anchored in leading practices, objectively illustrates opportunities, and includes constructive and actionable plans to dramatically improve board effectiveness.

The outcome provides for a well thought out combination of structure and behaviors designed to enable high functioning boards while delivering long term value creation directives.

Our clients operate across a broad range of industries, functions, and disciplines

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