While some organizations have development programs in place, these may be poorly funded, have limited support, and do not tailor to individual needs of emerging leaders. This creates a major risk during a formative period of one’s career, limits them from achieving full potential, and may set the stage for limited upward mobility in the future.

millennials say professional development and career growth are very important to them
of workforce will be millennials by 2020
of organizations say
top priority is closing gaps across all leader levels
reported having a process in place to identify individuals with high leadership potential
of organizations have fully implemented development at all levels

We partner with our clients to define priorities, conduct impactful conversations, and facilitate targeted sessions designed to develop high performing early career professionals

Illumia’s 3+4 Method

We deploy our proprietary 3+4 framework for emerging talent with a specific focus on accelerating upward mobility.

Our approach is focused on technical, human, and vision to execution elements of accelerated leadership progression. We enhance the traditional coaching methods through assessments, leading practices, highly effective frameworks, and a track record of measurable performance across some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 organizations in the world.

Career Building Blocks

Our methods will help our clients develop competencies and characteristics in preparation for expanded reponsibility.

We will deliberately spark meaningful and purposeful discussions that will drive reflection, insight, and understanding of their environment, requirements, and resources and how these ultimately link to career trajectory.

Our proprietary tools allow us to align desire, potential, and capabilities with our clients’ needs, which when combined with our performance track record, and practical leadership experience provides for a powerful combination designed to accelerate career progression.

The Outcome

Our efforts will materialize in a highly customized plan that is designed to drive rapid career progression.

We will devise a credible plan to drive accelerated development, operate as a player/coach throughout the course of our engagement, and set joint accountability mechanisms to ensure we are consistently progressing towards our objectives.

Our aim is to build a trust based relationship that is anchored in character and competence. As such, we continue to operate as a trusted thought partner long after the conclusion of our engagement.

Our clients operate across a broad range of industries, functions, and disciplines

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