Ineffective change leadership carries both financial and collateral damage implications. We find that organizations simply fail to develop and activate the appropriate mechanisms required to enable sustainable change.

of organizations are in some form of transition or transformation
of large scale transformations fail, primarily due to human elements
of intended gains are sustained over the long term
of employees feel the change is effective
budget overruns range due to unanticipated complexities and resistance to change
Change leadership effectiveness is an ongoing area of improvement for most organizations

Change Leadership Pitfalls


Unclear leadership vision, poor alignment, and low change readiness


Competing initiatives and ineffective prioritization


Entrenched behaviors including business as usual mentality


Poor adoption combined with active and passive resistance


Limited and ineffective change execution mechanisms

We deploy multi dimensional change leadership through structured, practical, and incisive methods that surgically hardwire change, maintain focus on execution, and enable success and sustainability of the transformation

Vision, Alignment, Execution

We partner with the executive leadership team to set the stage for a successful transformation while aligning with organizational objectives.

Our team will partner with the executive team to build the case for change, define and enable mechanisms to facilitate alignment, and devise a methodical approach to ensure a relentless focus on execution. 

We will jointly devise a credible plan to hardwire the change across the organization’s levels, functions, and regions followed by a steady and precise drumbeat, while setting the stage to engage the broader organization.

Engage the Organization

We mobilize the organization through stakeholder analytics, change readiness, and tailored engagement approaches.

Our stakeholder analytics approach allows us to understand formal and informal networks while assessing change readiness and impact across the organization, while considering people, process, data and technology impacts. 

We then deploy tailored engagement and powerful visuals to convey the change impacts specific to each region, organization, function, in turn helping the organization adopt the new ways of working while accelerating our momentum.

Hardwire Change

We deliver structure, deploy high performance teams methodology, and maintain relentless focus on execution.

Our approach is highly structured and considers critical success factors, resourcing, decision rights, incentives, and performance management elements of the transformation.  

We  embed our high performance teams methodology allowing us to proactively assess interpersonal dynamics, drive alignment, and focus on delivering results in line with the executive vision and overarching case for change.

Our clients operate across a broad range of industries, functions, and disciplines

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